Toronto’s Most Haunted Places You Can Tour

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Toronto’s Most Haunted Places You Can Tour

While there are plenty of haunted places in the city with stories of ghostly sightings, most places you can only see from the outside. This list describes places that offer tours, either guided or self-guided, so you can walk the same hallways where spirits roam.

Spadina House

Haunted places: Spadina House285 Spadina Road (next door to Casa Loma)
Neighbourhood: South Hill

Spadina Museum offers a glimpse of Toronto during the period 1900-1930. The original three-storey house was built in 1866 and enlarged several times up until 1913. This historic manor is not only known for its stunning gardens and rich history, but also for its supernatural appearances. Over the years, both staff and visitors have reported seeing grey, ghostly masses in private areas within the property. No reported deaths occurred at the residence, making the reason for these sightings a mystery. Check website for guided tours and operating hours.

Mackenzie House

Mackenzie House82 Bond Street
Neighbourhood: Downtown Yonge

This site has the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Toronto. William Lyon Mackenzie was a printer who published an early Toronto newspaper and led a failed rebellion in 1837 to overthrow British rule. Later he became Toronto’s first mayor. Mackenzie moved into the Bond Street home in 1859 and died there in 1861. The site includes the original Greek Revival row house, along with a one-storey addition which houses a narrow gallery space and an old-fashioned print shop. The museum interprets urban Victorian life of the 1860s and the evolution of democratic institutions through the lens of Mackenzie as a writer, publisher, politician, and rebel. Mackenzie’s body is buried at the Toronto Necropolis, but some believe his spirit returns to his former home. In the 1950s, live-in caretakers reported strange sightings. Others have heard footsteps on the stairs or the spontaneous playing of the parlour piano. The printing press also has been known to operate of its own volition late at night. Check website for guided tours and operating hours.

Campbell House

Campbell House160 Queen Street West
Neighbourhood: City Centre

Campbell House was built in 1822 for Upper Canada Chief Justice Sir William Campbell. It has been haunted by poltergeists ever since Campbell’s death in 1834. People have seen a man in 19th century garb, creating disturbances and terrifying those who have stayed overnight. Check website for guided tours and operating hours.

Colborne Lodge

Colborne LodgeNeighbourhood: High Park

Built in 1837 by architect John Howard, the property sits in High Park near The Queensway. In one documented case, an officer patrolling the vicinity saw a figure in one of the second floor bedroom windows. Some believe the figure was Howard’s wife, Jemima, who died in the room in 1877. Staff and visitors have also reported strange experiences. Check website for guided tours and operating hours.

The Old Don Jail

Old Don Jail1 Bridgepoint Drive
Neighbourhood: Riverdale

This large city jail was operated from 1864 to 1977, and now serves as the administrative offices for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare. Visitors can pick up an informational brochure and take a self-guided heritage tour to see some of the original cells, solitary confinement, the rotunda, and other interior architectural features. Although plagued from the start with suspicious setbacks and the death of head architect William Thomas, the facility was touted as a modern example of penal reform when it opened. In total, 34 inmates were executed by hanging here until Canada outlawed capital punishment. Workmen later discovered skeletons of 15 of the executed inmates in the jail’s yard. With this history, it’s no surprise that countless ghost sightings have been reported. These include sightings of an angry female inmate, who supposedly hanged herself in her cell one night. Other disgruntled ghosts, cold spots, and unexplained anxiety experienced by visitors are just a few of the haunted elements you can expect to experience if you’re brave enough to check out the Old Don Jail for yourself.


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