A Haunted Landscape of the Past

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Guild Inn Estate

Guild Inn Estate

201 Guildwood Pkwy
Neighborhood: Guildwood / Scarborough
Information: https://guildinnestate.com

A charming Arts & Crafts-style manor house sits atop the picturesque Scarborough Bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario. Originally built for Colonel Harold Bickford in 1914, the property has served as a Catholic missionary college; an artists colony; a nurse training site; and now an events facility. The Guild Inn has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in Ontario. Researchers and journalists who have stayed overnight reported hearing loud noises followed by a series of vibrations that can be felt along the walls and underfoot. Temperature fluctuations occur from one room to another. Finally, visitors have seen a ghostly figure in the basement, hunched over in the corner.


Guild Inn EstateVisitors can freely wander through the surrounding gardens, which offer a unique experience. They contain Toronto architectural fragments rescued from demolitions, creating the appearance of ruins in a lush landscape. Pillars, building facades, imposing gateways, and decorative sculptures suggest architectural ghosts of the past. The estate lies on the outer fringe of the city, but is accessible by public transit if you don’t mind a long journey. From Kennedy Station, last stop on the Green Line, take the 116 bus, which drops you in front of the estate.




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