A Fabulous Castle Perched on a Hill

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Casa Loma

Casa Loma castle

1 Austin Terrace
Neighbourhood: South Hill
Information: https://casaloma.ca

Toronto’s majestic Casa Loma castle sits atop an escarpment overlooking the city. Built by electric energy baron Sir Arthur Pellatt in 1914, the sprawling structure combines disparate styles to create the fantasy of a castle. Self-guided tours through the luxurious interior and gardens let you explore secret passageways, towers, private chambers, and entertainment spaces. Cafes and a restaurant are on site.


Casa Loma interiorNaturally, the castle has produced more than its share of paranormal activity. Staff and guests at the historic castle have shared stories of seeing a mysterious lady dressed in white, a man tending to the garden in the indoor conservatory, and the figures of Sir Pellatt and his wife. Some reported the laughter of children when no children were around or the mutters and sighs of a crotchety man near the stables. Some believe the White Lady is a maid who worked for the family in the early 1900s, around the time when about 60,000 people in Toronto died of influenza.


Ghosts also roam the tunnel leading to the castle’s stables. Many have reported feeling as though they had been grabbed or had their hair pulled. If you’re in town during October, Casa Loma turns into a haunted attraction during the evening—one of the best in North America.



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