Fast-Paced Psychological Horror

Brennan LaFaro

“Enough twists and turns in the last few pages to fill an entire novel.” — Brennan LaFaro, Dark Fiction—Book Reviews & Thoughts

Jon O’Bergh’s The Shatter Point is a tough book to pigeonhole as far as genre is concerned. It fits nicely into the thriller mold, but that doesn’t get you anywhere close to a complete picture. There are elements of ghost story and even a touch of slasher horror. Psychological horror may be the most apt description, as The Shatter Point seeks to examine people under stress, and what happens when they reach their breaking point… There are enough twists and turns in the last few pages to fill an entire novel. Even within the last ten pages, the author sets up what looks to be an ambiguous, reader fits the pieces together, ending. I was okay with that. But, oh man, the last few pages. The last few (and I literally mean 3-4 pages) wrap things up in a way that is devious, unsettling, and for me, made it all work. If you’re looking for a weekend read that is thrilling, fast-paced, and provides a very interesting insight to what choices different people will make and what different people are capable under duress, you owe it to yourself to give this a read.

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