Emotional Horror Setting

Sasha Mann

“Good emotional horror setting.” — Sasha Mann, Musings of a Final Girl

There is definitely a modern take with this novel, made apparent several times by at least some of the writing being that of a “comment section” on Youtube. At times it added to the story really well and also showed how horrible some people can be when they are able to hide behind a screen. Descriptions for interior houses is done phenomenally well. Extremely detailed… You get a nice little uneasy sense early on in this story, with it sprinkled about in other places. Enough to keep you wondering and having a few questions wiggling in the back of your mind as you continue the read… The ending absolutely caught me by surprise. Was not expecting it and actually stared dumbfounded at my book with my mouth gaping open in a “What the hell?” sort of expression on my face. I wish there had been a little more of that sort of twist and surprise in the novel, but overall I would say that I did enjoy this book. I would recommend it to those that love a good emotional horror setting as well as a slow paced action.

–Sasha Mann, Musings of a Final Girl

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