Horror Madam Interview

Horror Madam Interview

Horror MadamI was interviewed by blogger and reviewer the Horror Madam, who had a series of interesting questions about my novels and music.

Question #1: Why horror? I inherited a love of horror from my parents. Whether it was my mother telling ghost stories to neighborhood kids on warm summer evenings or my artist father painting skeletons, ghostly figures, and deserted buildings, horror surrounded me growing up. Horror speaks to one of our strongest emotions and often symbolizes issues such as social dysfunction and guilt. But even more significantly, for me, it provides the perfect vehicle for exploring the tension and ambiguity between what is real and what is imagined or unknown, which we must grapple with daily.

“I really enjoyed his horror novel The Shatter Point,” says Horror Madam, “which is a ghost story wrapped around the premise that everyone does in fact have a breaking point especially when an extreme haunt is involved.” For more of the interview, see the complete post at Horror Madam.

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