Unique Premise – Great Ending

Jessica Map Reviews“I loved the unique premise and the ending was great!” — Jess, Jessicamap Reviews

Have you ever wanted to test yourself to see what you were capable of surviving? What horrors do you think you can withstand? Well, at Horror Place you can sign up to find out. A place where you are tortured for an evening — being blindfolded, tied up, covered in blood, locked in a coffin are just some of the examples… Asher and Jada are interested in this strange challenge after watching the YouTube video of a friend doing it. Donna and Phil are Halloween fanatics but when they realize there aren’t kids in their new neighborhood to decorate for, they come up with a new plan, to build Horror Place… The characters are incredibly well developed — there was a lot of thought that went into everyone and their backstories… I loved the unique premise and the ending was great! The real question is, what would bring you to your shatter point?

–Jess, Jessicamap Reviews

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