A Song List for Characters in The Shatter Point

A Song List for Characters in The Shatter Point

Klapp Klapp, from ToeSix song listToeSix Press offers a unique approach to how they feature horror authors. This includes (and being a musician, I absolutely love this) letting authors post a song list representing the songs certain characters would listen to. I created such a soundtrack recently for Issue #13 of their online magazine.

I had so much fun creating the soundtrack. Asher, being a keyboardist in a band inspired by Little Dragon, would of course enjoy “Klapp Klapp.” The music video’s macabre setting also serves well for the novel’s horror theme. His girlfriend Jada, with a more trendy and materialistic bent, would listen to Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Ruth, who likes gardening, would want the traditional song “Bread and Roses” as recorded by Judy Collins to be performed at her funeral. Donna, having come of age in the 80s, learned all the “Rhythm Nation” dance moves. Her son Billy sits in a dark room listening to the melancholy “Floating” from Sun Kil Moon’s album Ghosts of the Great Highway—another fitting reference to things supernatural.

These are just some of the selections in my list. You can read the entire post and watch the accompanying music videos at ToeSix.

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