What Is the Mystery Behind “The Shatter Point”?

What Is the Mystery Behind “The Shatter Point”?

Book coverA musical mystery lurks in the heart of The Shatter Point. In different ways, the four books I’ve published highlight the intersection of music and the written word. Song of Fire explored the role of music in our lives through a series of personal vignettes and essays complemented by twelve songs. Some stories contained an embedded link to a specific song, available either as a download or stream. The songs could also be purchased separately as an album. I did the same thing with the collection of five horror stories, A Book of Hauntings. A specific song expressed each of the stories. Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello attempted to analyze the elements in her lyrics and music that make her music so compelling.

Go to Song of Fire to read the entire article by Jon O’Bergh.

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