A Fantastic Ghost Story

Songs Wrote My Story“A work of art… a fantastic ghost story.” — Hilary, Songs Wrote My Story

This book is a work of art. It’s a fantastic ghost story, it’s a fascinating look into a suburban community with too many secrets, and it has that perfect thriller pacing and reveals to keep you hooked. I’d have never guessed it looking at the cover and synopsis, but let me tell you, it’s all there. The characters throughout this book are handled so well. There are quite a few that come up regularly, but they’re all well developed and unique, and I never had to go back and try to figure out who anyone was. Even the minor characters are handled well, without feeling tedious or like we were just reading a character study. The pacing and the reveals throughout the book are brilliantly done and perfectly timed. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, some other wrench gets thrown into the mix… All in all, this book is fantastic, and definitely one you’re going to want to be picking up come October. If you enjoy stories that focus on societies and the people within them, ghost stories, being scared, or thrillers, you should definitely check out The Shatter Point.

— Hilary, Songs Wrote My Story

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