Well Hidden Twists

Shatter Point“Interesting, suspenseful read! 4 out of 5 stars.” — Ramona Plant, Goodreads

There are some very well hidden twists in this story that had me going “no way”, which I really appreciated… My favorite character by far was Asher. He is an extremely likable character and you can’t help but wonder from the start what he sees in Jada. Speaking of who, she is one that you instantly dislike, and for good reasons. There are some other characters I wasn’t sure what to think until the end and I admit some I did have to change my opinion on, and no I won’t say who since I hate to give away spoilers. I actually liked how this book really showed well how today’s society is wrapped up in social media and how it seems to not be able to exist without it, and how it can seriously negatively impact people’s life, which we have seen many times now. All in all I definitely enjoyed reading this book.

— Ramona Plant, Goodreads

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