Most Highly Recommended

5 stars“A taut and absorbing psychological thriller.” — Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

Jon O’Bergh’s contemporary horror novel, The Shatter Point, is a taut and absorbing psychological thriller that takes a chilling look at the things that make people snap… O’Bergh explores the darker aspects of social media: the obsession with followers and likes, and the manipulation of others in pursuit of social media fame. The actual videos made of the Horror Place visitors seem mild when compared to the viciousness of the comments they evoke when posted. The Shatter Point sparkles with dark energy, which seems to emanate from a quiet, tree-lined suburban street whose underlying forces are ignited with one fell swoop. O’Bergh’s plot is intricate and twisty, and his characters are credible and, sometimes, downright scary. The Shatter Point is most highly recommended.

— Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

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