A Master of Suspense

5 star (rose)“A story that has twists, turns and surprises throughout.” — Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite

In Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh, the town of Pasadena is the haunting backdrop to this tale of feuds, dangerous dares and horror stories of the past… If you enjoy a story that has twists, turns and surprises throughout, then The Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh is a perfect book for you. The way the writer has woven such detail into his characters and story lines is amazing. Each character is well constructed, especially the violent Billy and manipulative Jada. The author is a master of suspense that is so realistic it touches every one of your senses and gives you haunting goosebumps. A superb story from start to finish with tension, excitement, and thrills throughout. The occurrences in Ruth’s house were truly spooky… When I thought I knew what was going to happen, the author would take me in another direction. This is a perfect story for anyone who likes a good horror and whodunit mystery.

— Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite

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